VENHILL is the unapologetic propagator of our 90’s nostalgia, injected with a shot of the harsh reality we seem to live in nowadays. Dirty grunge-riffs and manic screams are both backed up by ruthless punk-beats. All of this is surrounded by a nebula of fuzz and chaos. Jaro tops it off with a unique vocal style, contrastring from snarling sounds from the future to heavenly angelic hymns. Mellow psychedelic sounds are seamlessly flowing into melancholic melodies that are are killed off just as easily with raw, scream-along choruses. They seem to be the psychotic love baby between Soundgarden and Ty Segall.

VENHILL designed their own unique sound, aka Psych(o)punk. The past 2 years have included venues such as Paradiso, a sold out Gebr. de Nobel in Leiden, support for Navarone, playing on Popronde and festivals such as Werfpop. Either way, VENHILL tears, spits and kicks it’s way everywhere.